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If you run a business that sells products or services with complex pricing it can be time consuming to make quotes for your prospects. An inquiry has to be done first by your prospects to find out the cost of your product. This could be a barrier for them, plus you want to give potential customers an immediate response before they choose a competitor product. You would, therefore, rather want to work with an instant quote form. It’s faster and it removes the barrier for your prospects to get in contact.

Price quote calculator for wedding photographer

This is an online price quote calculator for a wedding photographer build by ConvertCalculator

Save time with an embeddable online price quote calculator

An online price quote calculator offers you the possibility to show your prospects instant price quotes. Ask your potential customers for specific information through questions in the calculator widget, information that you would otherwise inquire via email or phone. Your own created formula in the calculator tool then calculates the estimated price. Embed a calculator on your website and spend your hours on creating sustainable value for your business, instead of on writing price quotes. ConvertCalculator’s web calculator is suitable for your Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix website.

Online price quote form for rug cleaner build by ConvertCalculator

This is an online price quote form for a rug cleaner build by ConvertCalculator

Increase engagement and conversion with an online price quote calculator

With your own web calculator your customers can easily get a good estimate of your product pricing. The calculator gives them full transparency. Because the web calculator is an interactive widget it helps increase customer engagement. Together, transparency and interactiveness show to have a positive effect on your conversion rate, leading to more customers.

Wedding video price quote lead generator

An example of a calculator used for lead generation

How does a price quote calculator work?

The price quote calculator is easy to use, both for you and your prospects. With the drag and drop editor you create questions for your prospects to answer and you create formulas to make the calculation, based on your prospects’ input to the questions. Think what information you need from your prospects to make the price quotation and pose the questions in understandable language.

Products such as wedding photography or videos, but also solar panels, flooring, venue hire, or construction are great examples of products and services that have complex pricing. This means the price quote is dependent on different factors, e.g time, amount of space, location, or amount of people. What factors are important to define the price of your product or service? This is input for creating your questions. You then also know what the formula is to come to the actual price. This probably is a multiplication of the factors you formulated in your questions.

Lastly, the question is what personal information you want to ask from your prospects after they have gotten their price quotation? Add form fields to capture this data. In the examples above you see these posed under the price quote in the web calculator. This serves as your lead generator. We recommend to ask the name and email address of your prospects to be able to contact them and convert them into customers.

Once you’re finished creating questions, formulas, and form fields and your calculator is ready to use, you embed the calculator on your website. Embedding is easy by placing the embed code on your page. Your prospects can now use the calculator on your website and get a quotation for your products in only a few seconds.

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