Create a product configurator
for your website

If you are a business and sell customizable products it makes sense to sell them online via a product configurator. Not only does this optimise the buying experience, it only creates less hassle for you as a business owner. With ConvertCalculator, you can build a calculator that accepts payments to accomplish just that. Let's show an example:

Create customisable sunglasses

Why should you use one?

You should use a product configurator if you don't have a standard product, but you want to standardise the buying process. By using a product configurator you make your own life easier (no more price quotes) while making the buying process for your customers much more fun and exciting.

How does it work?

Setting up a product configurator is easy and you don't need any coding experience. You can use the powerful editor to add questions, formulas, form fields and payments and embed it in minutes. We also offer support if you need it.

For what platforms is it?

The online product configurator works on every website and can be installed on every website builder. So you can easily embed the product configurator on Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Drupal, Webflow or Wordpress.

Benefits of using an embeddable product configurator widget

Increase sales

With a product configurator you optimise the buying process, which increases sales

Save time

A product configurator saves you time writing price quotes and accepting payments

Super easy

Use the drag and drop editor to create the product configurator and embed on your website, all in a few easy steps

Any Platform, Anywhere

Set up in minutes on every website. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform or CMS

Optimise your buying process by setting up your own product configurator

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