Add a Coupon Code

Learn how to add a coupon code to your calculator

Follow these steps to add a coupon code question and calculate the discount on your calculator:

  1. In order to create a coupon code you need to first add a "Text question" (QA) to your calculator.
  2. Once you have set up your Text question, select the Formula you want to apply the discount too. If you haven't set up one, create a Formula and set up your pricing.
  3. When you are in the Formula Edit screen, add a "Variable". Depending on the type of discount, you would add the following equation:

    • 5PERCENT: IF(QX{text} = "5PERCENT", 0.95, 1)
    • 10USD: IF(QX{text} = "10USD", 10, 0)
  4. Go back to your formula and change it to subtract the discount:

    • 5PERCENT: Multiply existing formula with VX (to adjust for discount)
    • 10USD: Subtract VX from the existing formula.