COUPON Function

This article explains how to use COUPON function


COUPON(equation, coupon_question_data)
  • Equation - Formula from the main equation in which you want to apply the discount. The equation can be a fixed
  • Coupon_question_data - coupon data object.

Sample usage

COUPON(100, QA{data})


COUPON(VA, QC{data})

Note: you can obtain the coupon question data by referencing the question (e.g. QB) directly followed by the data reference in curly brackets (e.g.{data}) = QB{data}


We have a formula for a “Total price”: QA + QB

  • Total price result is: $100
  • We want to add 10% off, so we add a coupon item (QC) and set up the coupon configuration.

The function of the “total price” is:

COUPON(QA + QB, QC{data})

“Total price” with coupon included is $90