About ConvertCalculator

Learn more about the story behind ConvertCalculator

ConvertCalculator is a versatile calculator builder. Like a form builder, but with calculations. It helps businesses grow sales, save time and it makes things simple.

Beautiful on any website, no coding skills required and yet very powerful. You can use it for price quoting, lead generation, SAAS pricing, savings, ROI or loans.

ConvertCalculator's MVP was launched in September 2017 by Joris de Ruiter. Back then Joris was doing freelance work and when a customer asked if he could be a "price quote calculator", he decided to build it, but make it SaaS instead. The initial version was build in a week. The first paying customer followed a week later.

A year later, CC made US$2500,- in monthly recurring revenue, and that was the time to go full-time with the project. Since then the product has kept on improving and maturing.

Joris still develops, and maintains ConvertCalculator, while Charo handles most of the support.

    ConvertCalculator is a powerful calculator form builder for your website