Integrate with HubSpot

ConvertCalculator is a powerful tool to capture leads. But what do you do after lead generation? You could follow up from your mailbox, but what if you have a sales team? Or do you want to give your sales process a little bit more structure? Then you need a CRM. Like HubSpot's CRM solution.

Connect your HubSpot Account

NB. First of all, make sure you have a HubSpot account for your business and also make sure your user profile has the appropriate rights in the HubSpot account to manage integrations.

In the editor of the calculator you want to connect, click on Settings (⚙ icon in the top right menu) and then select the "Connect" tab. There you find a "Connect" button in the HubSpot box. Click that, log in, and select the HubSpot account you want to connect.

Sync your fields

Now it's time to sync your calculator fields to HubSpot. It's possible to create or update Contacts (update matched on email), create or update Companies (update matched on company name), and create Deals.

To sync a field, first, select a calculator element from the left-hand side.

Select calculator element values to sync to HubSpot

After you've selected your calculator element, select the property you want to sync it to in HubSpot

Select HubSpot property you want to sync the calculator element value to

Repeat this process for all fields you want to sync.

That's it! When a user submits a calculator, data is synced to HubSpot. Now you can follow up leads with HubSpot CRM from the generated leads you captured through ConvertCalculators lead generation calculator form.

How to connect each calculator element with HubSpot

Field type ConvertCalculator Field type Hubspot Notes
Number Number If you add a number field with currency prefixes as “$” you will need to select Single-line text
Multiple choice Multi-line text
Multiple selection Multi-line text
Dropdown Multi-line text
Button group Multi-line text
Formula Number
Table N.a. It is not possible to connect the “Table formula” with HubSpot, but you can connect the Variables, Formulas or elements you applied on tables cells, separately
Yes/No Switch Single-line text
Yes/No Checkbox Single-line text
Email Single-line text
Phone Single-line text
Order List Single-line text
Place Single-line text
Places Single-line text
Date Single-line text
Dates Single-line text
Time Single-line text
File N.a. It is not possible to upload files into HubSpot. You are able to receive files only via submission emails.
Signature N.a. It is not possible to upload signatures into HubSpot. You are able to receive signatures only via submission emails.
Coupon Single-line text

How to create new properties (columns)

HubSpot provides a lot of properties, but if you can not find the one you want. You can create new columns or edit properties for each contact, deal, company, etc. When you are on your desired page in your Hubspot account (ex. Contacts), you can click on "Table actions"-"Edit Columns"-" Create a property".

Export view in Hubspot

Create property in Hubspot

Edit property in Hubspot

Pro tips

Sync to multiple objects

You can sync to contacts, companies, and/or deals. If you sync properties to an object, it's created. If you do not, it will not be created, simple as that. If you decide to create, for example, a contact and a deal, the objects will be linked in HubSpot automatically.

Create variables for syncing

If you want to display formulas with prefixes and postfixes, you should create and use variables to sync the raw numbers. There are also other use-cases: such as syncing static variables or making variables specifically for the integration.

Add HubSpot Event Tracking

If you use HubSpot's Event Tracking, you can connect the gathered data automatically by toggling on the option "Track external events" in the general settings tab (via ⚙ icon in the top-right menu).

Inspect why HubSpot is not syncing

There can exist scenarios where syncing doesn't work. This happens if certain field types are not accepted in HubSpot. You can inspect any errors by navigating to the submissions dashboard (☰ in top right menu -> Submissions) and clicking on the ⚡ icon.