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Launched in 2013, Webflow is quickly becoming one of the most used web development SaaS applications, supporting over 750,000 creative professionals.

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Why should you use Webflow for your next web design project?

No coding

Gone are the days where only coders can have their own website. Webflow allows designers with no prior knowledge of coding to build responsive websites that automatically generates HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The interface gives you the power to edit and refigure site content on the page itself. This allows almost all web development exclusively within the application.

Appropriate for experienced designers

The application’s interface is set out similarly to Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Creative professionals adept in these programs should have no problem navigating the site’s tools. While templates are an option, experienced designers will likely make use of the blank canvas and build their site from scratch.

Impressive customer support

Webflow boasts several customer support options, including a Help Centre which includes FAQs, over forty tailor-made courses, in addition to a handful of full site tutorials. Further free support includes help via email, as well as a forum you can access with the Starter plan. If that isn’t enough, less frivolous users can opt in to a priority support plan made available under the Professional and Team pricing plans.

Supports eCommerce solutions

It can be integrated with eCommerce solutions such as Ecwid. In order to do this, it is required that you integrate external tools, widgets, and plugins. A powerful eCommerce solution to consider is Snapcart, for which ConvertCalculator offers an integration.


Why should you not use Webflow for your next web design project?

Complex interface

Webflow is intended to be used by designers with a working understanding of Photoshop and InDesign. As a result, beginners may struggle getting to grips with the application’s interface which is built with the seasoned designer in mind.

Complicated eCommerce plugins

If your priorities lay with the integration of eCommerce plugins, then consider that many users complain of complicated plugins and add-ons. If you’re comfortable with integrating the external tools, widgets, and plugins, then Webflow remains a viable application. If not, perhaps consider HubSpot as a simpler alternative.


Webflow is one of the more expensive web development applications available. If you think you may be overwhelmed by the application’s interface, perhaps sign up for the free Starter plan before committing yourself. Otherwise, consider registering with a site such as GoDaddy for a more affordable alternative.

Limited templates

While there are templates available to use, Webflow caters more to users who seek total creative control. If the prospect of design seems daunting, consider similar sites such as Squarespace and GoDaddy which feature an enviable variety of templates to choose from.

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Why you should embed a calculator on your Webflow website?

ConvertCalculator's calculator builder allows you to build an instant price quote generator, savings calculator, product configurator order form, ROI calculator, mortgage calculator and car loan calculator to name a few. What’s best, is that it’s simple to use! In fact, you can integrate ConvertCalculator on to your website in a matter of minutes. And, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. ConvertCalculator offers free technical support if you are to encounter any difficulties.

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