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Why do you need an embeddable web calculator on your website?

Convincing prospects to buy your product is hard if they don't understand the value you deliver. With a marketing calculator you help prospects make an informed buying decision, by letting them calculate their return on investment. Think of cost savings, time savings, added value, growth and more.

Let's show some examples

Price quote calculator

Easily build your own price quote calculator to make it easy for customers to request a quote for your product. This saves you a lot of time and increases conversion rates due to increased transparency.

Embeddable price quote calculator for wedding photographer

Savings calculator

Let your prospects calculate potential savings by using your product. With a web calculator, your (potential) customers can adjust parameters to their unique situation to calculate savings. This is a huge selling point.

Savings calculator for sustainable solar solutions to be embedded on your website

Financial calculator

Are you in a financial market or do you use financial calculations? Do you need to calculate mortgages or loans? With our web calculator you can calculate PMI, mortgage principle, interest, PMT, net present value, future value and much more.

Financiel embeddable web calculator for calculating housing allowance

Embedding is easy on these platforms

ConvertCalculator is really easy to embed with Wix
ConvertCalculator is really easy to embed with Wordpress

But also CraftCMS, ExpressionEngine, Webflow and a lot more...

Increase sales and engagement

Convince prospects by letting them calculate the added value of your product

Concierge setup and technical support

Not technical? No problem, we can help you set up everything, free of charge

Designer friendly
with custom CSS

Rendered as HTML on your site (not an iframe) so your designer has total design freedom

Any Platform, Anywhere

Set up in minutes on every website. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform or CMS

What our customers have to say

As for my experience, the calculator has been a huge help. It only took about 10 minutes to figure everything out and add to my Squarespace site. I really love how the design adapts to my website.

Graham Deurance — CEO Lawyer Graham

Thank you so much Joris, I really appreciate you going above and beyond to help me figure out how to embed the calculator. This worked perfectly.

Lisa Zheng — Marketing Associate at Nomad Health

We use ConvertCalculator to quantify time savings and added value for our software. We even made a fun 'wave count calculator'. Our customers love it!

Alycia Purcell — CEO Bookinglayer

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