A calculator that helps you sell more online

Set up an embeddable and interactive calculator on any page of your website. This will increase web conversions and interactions with website visitors. Communicating pricing or savings online also reduces hassle and saves time.

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It's really easy to build a calculator

Create web calculators in minutes. No technical skills required.

Create easy and complex formulas

ConvertCalculator uses easily set up formulas much like Excel, which manages any complex calculation. Starting is easy, but you can take things further with more complex functions like IF, AND, OR, PMT, ROUND and 387 more.

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Perfect for lead generation

Generate leads by adding form fields to your calculator. These form fields support the addition of text fields, as well as the ability for your prospects to upload files. All calculations are included in the response.

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Accept online payments

You can accept online payments directly from ConvertCalculator. This means you can start selling customisable products via an embeddable web calculator.

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Build an online order list

Let customers order your products online with the powerful embeddable order list feature. It's amazing for building a fully fledged online order form.

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Pick a date

This feature allows you to calculate the amount of nights between two dates. This is useful when you want to create an effective online booking form.

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Pick a location

If you need to calculate the distance between two places in your calculator, you can use the places question type. This is useful if you are building an embeddable delivery cost web calculator.

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It fits right in with your design

Because ConvertCalculator is embedded in your webpage, it will adapt to match your existing design. Simply pick a primary colour and your calculator will fit with your chosen aesthetic.

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Power-up your calculator with the developer API

Do you need to build something specific like a 3D model uploader or T-shirt product configurator? Then, get nerdy with the JavaScript Developer API! Don’t know how to code? Contact us in the chat and we can build it for you.

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Responsive design for every device

The embedded calculator adjusts to your screen size and is therefore both desktop and mobile user friendly.

Designer friendly

Rendered as HTML on your site (not an iframe) so your designer has total design freedom

24/7 support

We’re here to help 24/7 through our contact form so you can spend your time growing your business.

Integrate with other tools

Hubspot, MailChimp, you name it. The tool is developed for easy integration with your sales tools.


Choose currency and language according to your target market

Unlimited usage

You can create as many calculators with as many questions and formulas as you want

Custom development

Is the existing tool too limited? We can custom develop features free of charge

Set and forget

Once you have set up the tool, it just works

Accelerate growth today

Start for free and focus on your business growth and watch as leads come in like raindrops in fall.