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A lead generation calculator example

How much value can a calculator bring to your business?

What is lead generation?

In setting up a webpage for your business, you’ll undoubtedly have a strong focus on its marketing potential. Therefore, your focus will be on maximising the way in which you generate leads. Fortunately, our lead generation software can be used as an effective method of lead capture.

There are many ways to generate leads, and these are generally categorised as either outbound or inbound marketing. Outbound refers to more traditional methods of marketing, such as radio and television advertisements. It is often seen as obnoxious and heavy-handed, with the material often seen as an interruption.

Inbound, on the other hand, seeks to create content that attracts people directly to your company through subtler means. This interest can then be converted into engagement and sales since leads have a genuine interest in your company or product.

Why lead generation with a calculator form?

By using a calculator form on your website, you immediately engage potential customers the with the service you can provide. The direct engagement that a lead generation calculator form encourages prompts leads to take further action on your website. What’s better, is that ConvertCalculator can help you in doing just this. For instance, the calculator form allows you to add a field that encourages leads to input their email for further information. This process helps naturally convert strangers into customers by having them actively participate in the potential your product can provide them.

Not only this, but it looks good! Consider the fact that you may choose to promote the use of your calculator (or, lead capture form) using various social media channels. You need to ensure that it works effectively on any range of devices. Fortunately, our lead capture software is supported by desktop, mobile and tablet devices, meaning you can rest easy knowing all potential leads get to make use of the calculator’s accessible and engaging design.

How easy is it to create and embed this lead generation software?

Creating a calculator and embedding it on your website is incredibly simple, especially for those of you versed in spreadsheet software. Our software encourages you to customise questions and fields applicable to the needs of your customers. In order to do this, all that is required is that you change the relevant questions, values and controls.

If things still don’t appear clear enough, take the time to read the our extensive support guides. Failing this, be reminded that our tool offers premium support and offers a Concierge service to help you build, embed and design a calculator.

What tools do we integrate with to follow up leads?

Thanks to the fact our lead generation software integrates with Zapier, you can make use of the calculator in combination with over 1000 apps. This means such things as integration with email; the creation of rich PDF documents with Ultrdox; data capture in Google Spreadsheets; and even have applications such as Slack notify you in the event that a new lead has been captured.

In addition to this, our lead capture tool also integrates with such things as HubSpot’s CRM tools. By integrating your calculator with the CRM tools HubSpot offers, you can make sure to document the contact and deal information of any potential leads.

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