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What is an order form?

An online order form is a special kind of online form that is used when a customer is placing an order on a website. It's a way to sell online without having to invest the time and money in a webshop. It's comparable with a price quote calculator, but mostly used for less complex pricing and the purchase of multiple products.

How can my business benefit from an order form?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, chances are that you can benefit from having an online order form on your website. It makes it easier for your customers to order your products online, which increases conversion rates (% of purchases vs visitors). By increasing conversion rates you increase your sales; more money in the bank for you.

Not only will an online order form bring in more business, but it also saves your time an hassle. By automating your ordering process you reduce the time spend on taking orders, so you have more time to do other stuff. If you add payments to your purchase form, you save even more time not having to do invoicing and collecting money.

How can you build an online order form?

Building an online order form is really easy with ConvertCalculator's order form builder. You can create an order form for your website in minutes! Before you start, make sure you have an overview of all your products and prices. Then go to the editor and add the "Order List" question, which makes it really easy for your customers to add certain products to an order. When you've added all products, you need to create a formula to display the total price and add form elements to capture other data (like address or email). Easy as pie!

What to do after you've collected an order?

Once you are done setting up your order form it is important to think about what to do next. At the very least, you want to send an automatic order confirmation email to your customer. Maybe you want to add the customer details to your CRM? Or you want to sync the order with your accounting software? All these things can be accomplished with ConvertCalculator too.

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