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The most time effective tool for price quote generation. Sit back and relax as you allow ConvertCalculator take on the labour intensive task of price quote generation

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Of course, the price quote builder will also help reduce expense in the reduction of your company’s man hours. In fact, once set up, ConvertCalculator will pay for itself in new leads.

Discover valuable potential clients

ConvertCalculator helps distinguish and qualify your valuable potential clients from casual price hunters.

Why would you add a quote builder to your website?

Using an online quote builder is undoubtedly the most time and cost effective way of discovering genuine interest in your product or service. Why waste time price quoting independently when you can have ConvertCalculator do it for you? By using an online quote builder you ensure that everyone has access to the price of your product or service.

It is now no longer necessary for you to waste time price quoting manually. Instead, your price quote builder will do the work for you and help you discover warm leads. This way, you reduce the time spent interacting with casual traffic and discover individuals with a genuine invested interest in your business. These leads can then be pursued earnestly, making the most out of their interest in your product or service.

How can you set up a good price quote generator on your website?

Setting up an effective price quote generator on your website has never been simpler. ConvertCalculator accommodates the needs of any business, with several templates available from which to build on. Most importantly, ConvertCalculator makes it easy for you to be creative. With an easy-to-follow interface, you can quickly change textual and numerical fields which can be seamlessly adapted to match the aesthetic of your brand or website.

What’s more, ConvertCalculator supports countless powerful features. You can use and calculate with dates, locations, you can create order lists, various number types and multiple choice forms, maximising the interactivity of your calculator.

How can you promote your price quote calculator?

In maximising leads, and making the best use of your calculator, it is obviously required that you promote the price quoting tool effectively. A great way to internally promote the use of your quote builder is to make it the first point-of-call on your website. By doing this, you engage potential leads through the clear and interactive interface of the price quote calculator. These potential leads are forced to actively involve themselves in the benefits of your product or service. As a result, these individuals are far more likely to take further action on your website.

In promoting your price quote calculator externally, make sure to be conscious of search engine optimisation (SEO). In devising your calculator form, endeavour to include all keywords related to your business or product, in addition to all possible variations of these keywords. In doing this, you maximise your chances in displaying first (or, close to first) in certain web searches.

Not only this, consider pay-per-click advertising (PPA), making use of services such as Facebook and Google Ads. These advertisement models work by directing traffic to your website, and have you pay for each click (or potential interest). This is a great way to guarantee increased footfall to your price quote calculator.

How do you effectively follow up collected quotes?

ConvertCalculator makes following up your collected quotes incredibly easy, particularly if you choose to integrate your calculator with HubSpot via Zapier. By integrating your price quote calculator with HubSpot, you ensure that all information collected by the calculator gets sent to HubSpot’s CRM tools. Once here, you can easily keep track of relevant contact information, meaning the pursuit of warm leads has never been easier.

Of course, you can also follow up collected quotes without having to integrate with other tools. Once you have collected relevant contact information, make sure to cement the interest expressed by your leads with follow up information pertaining to your product or service.

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