Paid plans features

The following chart shows which features includes each paid plan.

Features Hobby Pro Premium
No ConvertCalculator branding
Monthly visits 2,000 p/m 10,000 p/m 300,000 p/m
Unlimited calculators
Button element
Divider element
Container element
Image element
Text element
Title element
Radio question
Range question
Slider range question
Number range question
Incrementer range question
Radio button question
Checkbox radio question
Dropdown radio question
Button group radio question
Formula question
Formula hides result before submission
CTA Link
Radio Question has images
Place question
Places question
Date question
Dates questions
Order list Question
Switch question
Switch switch question
Switch Checkbox Question
File question
Text question
Email question
CTA form
CTA form redirect
CTA From Send Submission To Submitter 200 p/m ♾️
CTA Checkout 30 p/m ♾️
Zapier integration
Element is visible or hidden based on equation
View Break Element
Coupon Question
Question is visible or hidden based on equation
Signature Question
Custom Question
Layered Images Formula
Settings JS Access
View insights
View interaction data
Track external events