Adding show/hide logic to questions and formulas

Learn how to conditionally hide or show questions and formulas with an equation

When creating a calculation you sometimes want to show or hide questions and formulas based on certain conditions. We've created a powerful way to control if an item (question or formula) is visible or hidden.

When you want to control the visibility of an item, make sure you are in the edit screen of that item and toggle the option "Show/hide logic" on. Now a new formula field is visible called "Visibility equation" which you can use to control the visibility. When the result of the visibility equation is higher then 0 or TRUE, the item is visible. If it's 0 or FALSE, it's hidden. This is best explained by providing a couple of examples:

If QA is higher then 10, hide QB

Visibility equation of QB: IF(QA > 10, FALSE, TRUE) or QA < 11

If VA is smaller then 10 or higher then 100, show QA

Visibility equation of QA: IF(OR(VA < 10, VA > 100, TRUE, FALSE))

If QA + QB is 110, show QC, otherwise show QD

Visibility equation of QC: IF(QA + QB = 110, TRUE, FALSE) or QA + QB = 110

Visibility equation of QD: IF(QA + QB = 110, FALSE, TRUE)

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